Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dear Lit Loves,

The big news is I AM MOVING FROM METRO ATLANTA, GEORGIA TO NORTH CAROLINA!!  Needless to say, my family and friends back in North Carolina are thrilled.  I'm looking forward to nice, friendly people, good southern barbecue, snow, expert medical personnel at Duke and UNC, a forty minute drive to my mom and dad's house, being around my extended family more, Tarheel basketball, a new town house to call home, and being a half hour from my brother.  I will miss the Atlanta Falcons (I'll still pull for them), the Atlanta Braves (why did you trade Jason Heyward!!), my stylist, Ms. Kimmie, an open primary state, having lunch at The Park Cafe, Houston's, Phipps Plaza, Pappadeaux, and Village Tavern, the extremely good folks at Emory Hospital, and The Lilly Pulitzer store at Phipps Plaza. 

I will not miss a hellish commute, insane traffic, rude and aggressive drivers, the humidity, and people telling me I'm not truly southern because I'm from "North" Carolina. 

I dearly wish I was able to write that I had obtained a literary agent, but alas, it has yet to materialize.  Where oh where is my elusive literary agent? He/she has to be out there somewhere, right?!!  I had an agent last week tell me that my memoir was well-written and entertaining; however, she could not offer me representation because she can't sell memoirs written by non-famous people.  I can do famous folks, but someone's got to be adventurous enough to go out on a limb with me first.  Publishing is a business of many valleys and few peaks so I persist in attempting to publish my work via the traditional route.  I've even finished my next manuscript.

For now, I'll sign off as I prepare for my move next week. Let us all pray me and my family make it to North Carolina in one piece with our wits in check.