Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Request A Literary Agent

Well loved ones, I haven't read any memoirs that struck me as outstanding or that taught me any earth shattering new concepts.  I find this highly depressing too since it's so close to Christmas.  I spent Thanksgiving enduring viral pneumonia which was a real treat let me tell you.  It was so bad and highly contagious that my family didn't even get the opportunity to come visit.  Pneumonia would land my father
(who had a stem cell transplant) right back in the hospital.  He and I have dismal immune systems.  I even received the pneumonia shot two years ago for crying out loud!  Where's the justice?!

Okay, back to more urgent matters.  My quest to find a literary agent has been comical and highly disappointing.  First, I have an agent who has requested both book proposals for the two manuscripts that I have written and ready to go.  Problem is, she's so busy selling other people's work and teaching content classes that she hasn't gotten back to me.  Then I had a literary agent who recently sent me a rejection on my manuscript FROM THE WHOLE AGENCY!  I mean really lady?!  Maybe they can't handle liberal concepts or the really tough stuff in life.  If so, maybe they should think about putting that on their web site
so writers know they can't handle manuscripts dealing with the nuts and bolts of messy lives. 

I'm sure there's something I'm supposed to learn from this querying process.  First, patience is helpful, but something of which I am in short supply.  In the case of pursuing a literary agent, you don't get a choice but to be on their time schedule.  Second, I used to take rejection personally (and sometimes I still do), but for the most part I just let it roll and move on to my next potential agent.  And third, if all else fails I have persistence because Lord knows I have diligently pursued trying to become published in the traditional manner.  And that's still my goal.  Because something deep inside says I need to convince the right person or persons that what I have is in short supply.....a southern writer who tells it like it is and can laugh at all the chaos in the process.